Online Promotions

Omron China

Challenge: The OMRON OTF sensor and controlling technologies were to be shown in the 6th Shanghai International Industrial exhibition in November 2004, which would open a new page of its development in China. In line with this event, various media promoting activities were required, including online promotion.

Solution: Based on the good relationship in the internet industry, Milestone put various propaganda informations such as front pages, flying cursors and banners on many famous portals e.g. HC, EasternNet, Sina and many other well-known electronic components sites.

Results: Because of the online promption, the visitors of OMRON website became triple and attracted much more people to the exhibition.

Omron China

Challenge: Following the successful online promotion of OMRON OTF, OMRON required to take a survey activity about its four classes of products, by which, it could find out the site defects and get the feedback of the the product services from customers.

Solution: Based on its professional skills and research experience, Milestone made five questionnaires to cast in industrial areas and proper time.

Results: More than 4,000 feedbacks were received, by which, OMRON collected many valuable comments.

“CIIC” Shanghai

Challenge: Challenge: Pointing to project of Chinamexmart (Dubai), the “CIIC“-Dubai commercial website should focus on the core of “CIIC”company, mainly serving the area agents and vendors. Based on the website, agents could book the stands, check the stands, and distribute information.

Solution: Project promotion, information distribution, stands booking and status checking were the main functions of the website.

Results: The website was developed successfully. The users could easily locate , query and search online.