Multimedia Applications

Bell-Alcatel Shanghai

Challenge: Coping with the 2002 Yearly Meeting of Bell-Alcatel, the customer wanted to make a summary of the past achievements a prospect for the future. According to this requirement, Milestone should make a innovative live demonstration.

Solution: Milestone designed a Flash animation about a successful case of management to show the ASB personal and customer results of the past year.

Result: The subject of the annual meeting was showed in a vivid way, which impressed the conventioneer deeply. Meanwhile, the internal relationship of the ASB managers was strengthened.

Siemens Mobile

Requirements: Siemens Mobile planned to launch an attractive mobile community portal to increase visitors of the new Siemens Mobile Website.

Solution: Milestone designed an Flash-based online interactive game for visitors to participate, which promoted the site image and increased the community benefits.

Result: The event upon delivery, up to 1 million registered users were increased in 3 weeks.


Challenge: In 2003, Philips needed to demo its 3 latest mobile phones online. This presentation would include a lot of Flash programming and dynamic designs.

Solution : Milestone designed a vector picture for each mobile phone, which could show it omnidirectionally and interactively.

Results: The new mobile phones were online presented successfully.

Bell-Alcatel Shanghai

Challenge: Bell-Alcatel Shanghai wanted to show its new products and solutions by online multimedia. Through a unified user portal, the customers interaction and user experience could be realized.

Solution: By excellent creative capabilities, the professional engineers of Milestone designed colourfull icons, 3-D virtual exhibition, animation, video editiing, background music etc., which could give visitors personal experience and deep impression.

Results: By the multimedia presentation, the customers got a deeper understanding of Bell-Alcatel. Through this platform, visitors could be excited by the advanced mobile communication technologies.

“CIIC” Shanghai

Challenge: “CIIC”Economic and Technological Cooperation Company Shanghai needed to put touch-screen terminals in office buildings to provide service guides to customers.

Solution: Combining the latest hardware and software technologies, Milestone designed a high quality touch-screen terminal and software system, which had not only beautiful shape, but also excellent user interaction.

Results: By the advanced touch-screen terminals, users could get wanted information easily and directly. Especially, the voice and picture prompts could help the non-computer users greatly.

“CIIC” Shanghai

Challenge: “CIIC”Shanghai Branch wanted cast the LCD screen advertising, which should show its image of the brand of “professional human resource service provider" and its advantages of products and services.

Solution: By excellent creative capabilities, the professional engineers of Milestone combined the information with multimedia techonlogies, which presented the brand image of “CIIC“.

Results: Through the light and sound effects, customers got deeper understanding of “CIIC”.