Co-operation Relationship Management

Konica Minolta

Challenge: In order to inform the new products, sales information, and market conditions to its customers timely and effectively, Konica Minolta needed to bulid a more advanced information management platform imminently. The key objective was to establish a unified information-sharing center, to help channel partners better sales.

Solution: After understanding the customer’s requirements deeply, Milestone proposed to construct a one-stop information resource sharing management platform to realize a proper service and support process. To achieve this aim, our engineers worked together with customers, detailing every aspect of the system, determining hardware and software architectures, layout the main online functions. Through the system, the partners of Konica Minolta could access their online real-time updated information and services needed.

Results: The system was developed successfully, which helped Konica Minolta and its channel partners to effectively share information, and became an E-business implementation model.


Challenge: In order to send the product delivery information to its channel partners more timely and conveniently, Siemens Mobile needed to bulid a unified platform to serve the channel partners.

Solution: Miletone knew the key to