Website Development Cases

Bell-Alcatel Shanghai

Challenge: The Bell-Alcatel Shanghai website had achiened great success since launched. To be more effective and achieve further on-line multi-function application, the system architecture and website image needed to be re-designed.

Solution: In keeping with its global norms, Milestone developed creative designs, content scheming, and expading functions for portal, HR recruitment and marketing activities.

Results: The new website more accorded with the global positioning of Bell-Alcatel and became even more international.

Omron China

Challenge: As the world's leading automation control and electronic equipment manufacturer, OMRON holds the advanced core sensing and control technologies. In this project, OMRON China needed to build a portal website to provide the visitors a lot of product information and the latest technology concepts.

Solution: The product information of pictures, performance, prices and other text messages etc. should be shown clearly online, and the user interface must be easily operated.

Results: By the new website, the customers of OMRON were able to get abundant information of a large number of products, which increased the product marketing share greatly.

CPIC-ING Insurance Company

Challenge: As a joint venture by China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co. Ltd. and ING Group (ING). CPIC-ING needed to show its new image and comprehensive insurance products and to provide insurance advices online.

Solution: According to the image standards of ING Group, Milestone developed the portal websit, which was of bold innovation clear to give the customers good user experience.

Results: By the established website, the CPIC-ING shew a good image to public and provided a wealth of insurance information and online operation.


Challenge: SONYBMG needed to develop a Chinese company portal, which should not only be consistent with the business norms of SONYBMG, but also reflect the popularity of the entertainment industry.

Solution: By integrating the global portal of SONYBMG, Milestone developed a new Chinese website of SONYBMG. Centered about the customers, the website provided all the information SONYBMG pop music. Meanwhile, by using a large number of Flash multimedia effects, both the visual and audio effects of the website were excellent.

Results: The customers increased greatly. The brand image was promoted well. The new site had a large number of visitors.


Challenge: As the first joint venture life insurance company by the Canadian Manulife (International) and China Foreign Economic and Trade Trust & Investment Co., Ltd., Zhonghong needed to build a new Chinese website not only with international designing style, but also combined with the Olympic brand to give the customera good experience.

Solution: Milestone planned the website sub-module to highlight the various aspects of the company.

Results: Successful page layouts and color matches made the website unique and get much industry praise.

AXA Insurance

Challenge: With the expanding of insurance business, it was more and more necessary for AXA to re-design its existing websit expand the functions, content and brand image.

Solution: According to the the business features of insurance, Milestone planned fresh elegant interface, and flexible structure for the future development of new sections for its Shanghai and Guangzhou regions.

Results: Unique layout and flexible columns made it very convenient for the future maintenance and changes.

Siemens Mobile

Challenge: Siemens Mobile needed to take an onling celebration for its 10th anniversary, which should include all types of its products.

Solution: Based on the deep knowledge of Siemens products and the philosophy of “Grow with the Customers”, Milestone successfully accomplished the online celebration.

Results: Through the online celebration, customers increased the understanding of Siemens Mobile and gave many good feedbacks.

Haikang Insurance

Challenge: A large number of the latest technologies were required to help clients build a set of web standards to achieve better ease of usage and expansibility. Meanwhile, Haikang had more requirements in terms of visual.

Solution: Using the latest web technologies and design standards, combining the frontend and background, Milestone made a solid foundation for the future maintenance and further development.

Results: Passing the validation of W3C standards, the website style was simple, clear, powerful, and easily to be developed continuously.


Challenge: This site was developed mainly to introduce the scenery and tourisim activities of Hawaii to the Chinese tourists. The site should not only retain the romantic atmosphere of Hawaii but also accord with the traditional habits of Chinese people.

Solution: A plenty of Flash and good layout of pictures of Hawaii sea beach were adopted. Taking into account the various activities of the islands of Hawaii, Milestone developed a powerful the background distribution system.

Results: Site news and activities were updated timely. Many visitors understood the latest news in Hawaii. The number of tourists to Hawaii surged.